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binary opposition


Binary Opposition is a new project in development from Reckless Sleepers imagined for mid - large scale theatres.

In the summer of 2021 during lockdown a large wooden frame was built. We played in the two rooms that the structure outlined, and because travel from the UK to Europe was restricted we decided to split our first rehearsals with a team working in Manchester and other team working simultaneously in Gent.


And because our numbers in Gent were limited we asked one of our children to participate.


And like many of our other projects we stumbled quite by chance with a new way of working with younger participants. Quite quickly a number of venues invited us to lead workshops with this scenery together with their groups. Playing with different people to find out what is possible to make and present in this space.


This process of building a structure and exhausting what we think might be possible to do and then present was something that we introduced with a performance project called Parasite in 1994.


We repeated this again with Schrödinger, and then once we smashed the first hole in the temporary plasterboard cladding with Negative Space.


In 2023 work continues on the devising of this new piece by opening up our process of creation through a series of workshops with children and young people starting in August in Brussels.


A process of touring of the making of Binary Opposition continues throughout 2024 with residencies in Ribeiro Grande, Bournemouth, Brighton, Farnham, Manchester, Derby, Gent, Kortrijk, Canterbury, Salford and possibly Gent again.


For each workshop we install the scenery of Binary Opposition it is within this playground construction, the sharing of our processes of developing performative materials that we have accumulated over the past 20 years, and the new ideas, materials, sequences and scenarios that will be created by each workshop participant that a new project will evolve. 


A UK premier is scheduled for The Lowry in October 2025.


As the project develops new materials will be added to the projects pages on this website.


For more information about our plans contact

Mole Wetherell 



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