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I don’t want to take the train

I think I will take the bus it’s safer

I don’t want to be eleven years forever

I will need to cut down

Take it easy

I am going to take the bus today

I am going to walk

I think I will stay inside

And watch from the safety of someone else’s eyes

I think I will stay in bed

I think I will turn off the phone, turn out the lights

I will not take the tube or the metro, the tram or the bus or even the train

I will stay inside and lock all the doors

Shut myself in, keep my head down

And bury myself

I’ll not open the windows, I’ll not turn up the volume, I’ll take it easy, I’ll not face anything, not make a fool of myself in public, not empty my pockets, make any excuses or leave the phone on the hook

Close my eyes, shut my ears, close all the windows, lock all the doors

Never step outside again.


Spanish Train sample text

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