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Was initially a small set of sculptural presentations created by Leen Dewilde for galleries.


Part of a series of destructive works of creation, that included the gallery performance of A String Section.


The installation of broken crockery and tables became the basis of two short R&D residencies in January & February 2021.


The results of the first period of R&D produced a short video piece which has broadcast through Reckless Sleepers FB page.

The objective to establish wether a live performance event could be created, the performative rules, behaviour and logic : - a 25 minute rough sketch evolved.


Like all of Reckless Sleepers projects a rigorous and intense period of investigation of an idea to pursue reaches a point where we make a decision to either shelve the idea, or invest resources in finding a future path for the project and continued development.


This process has been the same for all of the current Reckless Sleepers repertoire of current work.

Break up - Break down follows a very simple set of instructions, each and every one of the cups and saucers that are placed on a table are smashed. Cups are placed on the edges of tables, the actions of smashing are rehearsed, a hammer hovers tentatively close to a point of impact.

The performers move together but this process like the smashing of cups breaks down, falls to pieces and forms again, shifting states of entropy and order.

In May 2022 the company were invited to continue research at Le Pad in Angers two short works in progress were presented.

Break up - Break down

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