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And you appeared out of nowhere,

as if you had come straight out of the ground

and stood right in front of me looking harder and harder

past me through me and away past me into some other time

you looked angry and bitter or perhaps I wanted you to look that way.


So I spent the day looking and laughing


I couldn’t speak; words had been shaken away, so I drank some more.

And so much more that the room began to spin objects moved away from me

I couldn’t stop them they were out my control.

So I stood in the middle of the room away from the walls waiting for your assistance.


Falling over again and again it was hot and then it was cold,

I was waiting and waiting, to perhaps catch a glimpse of your proud face

standing upright turning and spinning me around your little finger,

I had to catch my breath I couldn’t breath without making and shaking a noise that said that I was near that I was tilted that my body needed to take in some more oxygen or alcohol I couldn’t be sure.


When you called me I span when you whispered I turned,

the smallest action produced an uneven reaction,

so again I span and tumbled and fell into the rain.


You called me again and asked me to go upstairs I

and I couldn’t help thinking that I had been here before

that somehow my time was being repeated in cycles

in predictable cycles going over old ground travelling in circles.

But we always hit the same point a critical point in time.


And then it all stopped.

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